Indian Natural Stone Company

Indian Natural Stone veneer sheets

Stone Veneer is innovation of era, light flexible and thin stone veneer sheets. No one can think of a real stone in a very thin flexible sheet.The surface comes with natural feel giving a very natural look. Stone veneer sheets are relatively affordable and less / low price and we get great look of natural stone. Similar to other natural Indian stone tiles have an undying sheen that preserves the freshness of your kitchen floor and other walls.

Thickness stone veneer sheets

Thickness of stone veneer sheets is 1 mm to 3.5 mm this is because of natural 3 dimensional surface of real stone. We actually split or pull the slate into very thin layers of stone and apply Glass fiber reinforced polyester resin (GRP) under extreme pressure and heat for a strong bond producing the backing for stone veneer sheets. Due to high degree of adhesion accomplished between the slate and GRP product now becomes flexible to an extent.

Advantage stone veneer sheets

Attaractive Versatile , Cost Effective , Clean installation , light and flexible , affordable prices , No special tools needed.

The beauty of simplicity